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 Weddings and Windows!

Two of our specialties! .

Once upon a time, in the last millennium, a group of evangelical Anglicans (Episcopalians) decided that they would like their own church in Port Elizabeth… so begins the story of Holy Trinity Church.

It was late one year the building began of stone hewn from the quarries of what is now the Eastern Cape. Other fittings, like the Victorian organ (which still is still an original and in the process of being repaired) were brought from England. The Organ is fascinating in itself and was once adjudged one of the "MOST PERFECT INSTRUMENTS" of its time!

Many stained glass windows are also found in and around the church. These are a tremendous witness to the changing times with windows as young as 20 years old… all of these survived the following fire!

Although our current minister is not a HELLFIRE AND BRIMSTONE kind of guy, in the late 1880’s a certain pyromaniac obviously thought church should be a little warmer… and promptly burnt (the pews, roof, organ, windows and whatever else would burn) Holy Trinity Church to the ground. In spite of pyromaniacs, the stone structure is still one of the oldest surviving structures in Port Elizabeth. And what has been replaced and added enhances the practicality of the building for the community.

One of the other things that survive is marriage. Holy Trinity is a very popular church for people to celebrate the start of their life together! Testament to this fact is the number of happily married couples that come from Holy Trinity Church.

All the things you see on this site are forming our modern history. Join us as we have some fun in our time.

If you would like to see the church or book a wedding or renewal of vows ceremony, contact the church by clicking here.